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Starting out with a passion for the entertainment industry I have worked for multiple verticles. Many jobs in different advertising agencies most notably Wannamaker in Atlanta, then modeling schools (Barbizon, John Casablanca, and The Modeling Connection) in Florida. I have been in a few commercials and supporting roles in movies that made their way to my local region. But I was frustrated with how little my agencies "worked" for me. The only opportunities were in NY or LA. But that just isn't true! I have interned at some of the larger agencies and I was able to take how they did business and mold it to fit the regional markets. I noticed they "passed" on submitting their talent for local or regional shoots. When someone is starting out, those could be the opportunities that can launch a career. I want to EARN my commission, I want to give you the opportunity to get your resume and image in front of the casting directors. 

What I will do:

I will take a 10% commission for all booked jobs that I have submitted or pitched to casting directors. 

I will provide a contract that details my fee structure for your review and for your signature.

I will suggest and or provide links for photographers, classes, etc. - you do NOT have to use my referral 

What I won't do:

I will not sell you ANYTHING! No classes, no up-front costs.

I will not represent any talent that is not dependable, on-time, or professional - you are risking my reputation as your agent.

I will not submit my talent roster for any non-paying or deferred pay gigs.

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